Failure Is Not Real

failure growth mindset Jun 17, 2020
Failure is not real.
That’s a pretty profound statement.  And, it’s something I’m learning, and something I think everyone could benefit from understanding on a deeper level.
Failure is not something you can touch, or see.  It’s not an actual three-dimensional thing.  Failure is only a thought or a belief that we have about something.
Often, we accept the thought or belief of failure as a hard and fast truth.   However, thoughts are only a compilation of what we have been taught or learned from the past, with our own personal filter and biases.  Once we recognize a thought, like failure, that doesn’t serve us, we should take the opportunity to challenge the thought.  Once we recognize that what we are thinking is not true, or real, we can purposefully redirect it to a thought that better serves us.  Changing the way we think, particularly with regard to failure, will change the way we feel and in...
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New Thoughts on How to Act As If It's Impossible to Fail

Have you ever heard the quote, “Act as if it’s impossible to fail.” from Dorthea Brande’s Wake Up and Live?
I've heard this saying so many times over my career, and in my entrepreneur endeavors, that I never really stopped to give it much thought.  Recently I felt the need to dig into this saying a little deeper and understand it more fully.  
On the surface, I’ve always felt like this saying was essentially translated into ‘fake it until you make it’ mindset.  This is a mindset I don’t fully support. Transparency and authenticity are so important to me, that I’ve found it difficult to encourage others to fake anything.  Of course, that’s not the intention of the ‘fake it until you make it’ mindset, but I’m a literal person and I just couldn’t get comfortable with this mentality.  Which, may be why I’ve been slow to embrace this quote…but not...
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