How Does Your Vision Feel?

When I was a little girl, I used to work out in the garage with my dad.  He loved to fix up cars and had a big garage where he could pull them in and continue to work on them.  I used to hand him tools, or hold the flashlight.  I’m sure I talked non-stop and asked tons of questions, but I was also learning.  I can’t say that I have replaced a motor in a car, but I have seen it done.
The interesting thing is that even though this task involves detailed work, my dad has had extremely poor eyesight since he was a young child, due to a hereditary disease, which continued to get worse as he aged.  He’s now legally blind.  I never really considered how difficult some of his daily tasks must have been, or why he got so frustrated when Mom moved things around on him.  I knew he had poor eyesight, but I didn’t know that it was different than other people.  Reflecting back, I now see that he had found ways to adjust that...
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