Returning to a New 'Normal'

The focus of society these days seems to be how and when we can get back to normal, post coronavirus.  While it may not quite be ready to fully reopen, we are starting to see some of the restrictions relaxed.
If you’re like me, you may be looking ahead and wondering what ‘normal’ might look like.  Can I suggest a few things to consider as you begin to plan how and when you will return to your pre-corona activities.
Make A Personal Decision
I’ve heard it said about this crisis that we are all in the same storm, but in a different boat.  It’s very important to remember that we are not all in the same boat and therefore we will all need to make smart and safe decisions for our family on how and when we return to normal activities.  In this type of situation there may be a lot of pressure and influence, on social media or the news, or judgement from other individuals on the choices you are making in your situation....
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