Certainty About Uncertainty

When I ask my friends and family what they are struggling to most with in the current situation, under stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, the answer I hear repeatedly is uncertainty.  

They are worried about the future…what will happen, how long with this last, when will we get back to normal, how bad is it going to get…you get the idea.  They are burdened with making wrong decisions amidst constantly changing information.  They are feeling out of control.  Uncertainty is the word that they use to describe their feelings.

The interesting thing about this term is that I feel much more certain these days than uncertain.  On a normal day, I would encounter a lot more uncertainty and lack of control than I do in the shelter at home environment that I am currently in.  Sure, there are definitely unexpected things that are occurring in the world around me, but I have never been in control of each individual day more that I have been in the...

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Life in the Time of Corona

In light of this unique occasion, I am taking a break from my previous blog series and changing focus for a bit. Today I want to share thoughts and observations from this unprecedented time in history.

We are four weeks into isolation, quarantine, social distancing, stay-at-home orders…whatever you want to call it. In my household, we have been safe at home for a month now. Our particular version of quarantine includes me working from home, my husband’s clinic closed and him homeschooling a 5th and 2nd grader. We both spend time each day as cook, housekeeper, technical support, personal trainer, activities director, project manager, employee, and business owner. While we have two extroverts and two introverts in the family, there is a good combination of time alone and time together for all of us. We are thankful for our home and yard, which give us space to share together, and to spread out and be alone, when necessary.

I was telling my 11 year old son the other day...

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4 Focus Areas for Managing Emotional Thresholds

emotion productivity women Oct 07, 2019
When it comes to emotions, I believe we all have a general threshold level.  This is the level you want to stay below so that you don’t lose your marbles
When we are able to manage certain things in our life, that help us to stay well below our threshold, then surprises and unexpected road bumps won’t launch us into emotional outrage.  However, if we are not actively managing our emotional thresholds, when circumstances or events pile on, and put us over the threshold, the likelihood of holding it all together becomes less and less.
If you’re having a hard time dealing with your emotions, it might be worth taking a look at these four areas to see if there are steps you can take to bring your emotional tolerance below your threshold.
Sleep – I know there are a lot of people who pride themselves on being able to go without a full night’s sleep. But the truth is, sleep requirements are different for everyone.  If you are...
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Meal Planning, and everything else...just start.

I've been helping my husband with videos and social media posts for his health clinic. He works a lot with nutrition and weight loss and gets many questions about cooking and meal planning.

Due to our crazy schedules and nutrition needs, we decided about a year and half ago, that it works best for our family to prepare the majority of our meals on Sunday, and save them to be reheated for the rest of the week. Our most recent social media posts have been to share our meal planning tips and tricks for his patients.

This week we posted a Facebook Live (@TotalHealthCorrection) video of us making breakfast and also a time lapse of the meal planning process. We were amazed by the number of questions we received on basic cooking and meal prep. We are by NO MEANS gourmet chefs, or even remotely interested in food blogging. However, we can see that this information is what his patients need right now to be successful, and we are obliging by providing as much information as possible.

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Best Year Ever Live 2019

business productivity Jan 30, 2019

I've mentioned in my previous posts that I visited the Nashville area a few weeks ago. I was actually in Franklin Tennessee at the Best Year Ever Live 2019 Conference put on by Michael Hyatt & Co.

For about a year now, I have been using Michael Hyatt tools like the the Full Focus Planner, podcasts, and even a membership to the LeaderBox book club. I was so excited about going to this conference and learning how to set clear goals and action plans for the coming year...how to get more done and take on more projects without stressing myself out. But, this conference was not what I expected, it was better!


At the conference!


Instead of learning how to do more, I was encouraged by other high achievers to dig deeper, face my fears, and direct my focus on what is really important to me...not what I think SHOULD be important to me, or what other people expect of me.

While initially I didn't want to spend my time on these exercises, I did find that I was holding...

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