Clarifying Your Identity Disparities

The other night, my daughter had gotten in trouble and had to spend some alone time in her room.  When she came out, she came to me very thoughtfully and asked if we could talk about something.  Of course, I could feel that there was something coming in the impending conversation.
She said to me, “Sometimes I think I’m dumb”.
She’s eight, and this is what is weighing on her mind.  How often do we have similar thoughts?  How often do we wonder how others see us and how we see ourselves?  But the real question is, how often do we decide how we want to see ourselves and make it happen?
As we’ve walked through the process of discovering your intentional identity in my previous posts (Starting here).  I’d venture to guess that the answers you put down don’t always align with the thoughts in our head.  And, now days, weeks, or quarantines later, maybe you’re in a different mood or place...
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